JMRF Website

     The Julia Robinson Math Festival website includes an Activities page where you can play many math based activities or games through online apps.  JMRF Activities    


Ken Ken for the Classroom

     Puzzle sets are sent via email to me every Friday. Each set contains a variety of levels and sizes, appropriate for all ages, grades, and skill levels. KenKen is one of the best teaching tools available to encourage the development of math skills, logic, creativity, critical thinking, reasoning, self-confidence and perseverance. Plus…it makes math FUN! Play online here: KenKen 


Exploding Dot Explorers:

     The Global Math Project team offers heartfelt wishes for ease and well-being for you and your loved ones during this difficult time. Maintaining health and well-being, and curbing the spread of the virus, we know, has not just a physical toll, but psychological and financial tolls as well. 

     As schools and universities close across the globe, we have received requests to offer some specific guidance on helping students and parents conduct coherent, self-guided Exploding Dots experiences at home. In case it is of interest to you, James has prepared such a document.  You can read it and download it G’Day Math.

     Be safe. Our best wishes. – The GMP team.



     The 2020-2021 MATHCOUNTS Handbook can be downloaded here: MC Handbook

     The Art of Problem Solving website hosts a MATHCOUNTS Trainer program. MATHCOUNTS Trainer


My Family’s Favorite Board Games


     Splendor NEW

 New game! Fun  strategy game for middle schoolers to adult.

     Settlers of Catan  

Advanced board game with multiple expansion sets. The basic game takes about an hour to play.

     7 Wonders

High quality, unique board game where players all build their Wonders at the same time. After a set amount of turns, points are scored based on what each player has accomplished.


A tile-based game that shares some characteristics with the games Rummikub and Scrabble.


A classic board game. My family has the Master Detective edition with more rooms, suspects and weapons.

     221B Baker Street

Our newest favorite! Step into Sherlock Holmes’ shoes, visit locations to gather clues and solve the mystery

     Ticket to Ride

Race to build continuous lines of trains connecting destinations. Multiple versions are available! 

My Family’s Favorite Card Games

     Five Crowns



     Phase 10