Morgan Hill Math Staff

Kelley Barnes

After graduating from San Jose State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Kelley spent twenty years working as a registered veterinary technician. She discovered she had a passion for teaching, especially math, and became involved with the AIM Morgan Hill Math Program and substitute teaching. Kelley is the program director for AIM Morgan Hill Math, is a member of BAT Math Teacher’s Circle and is one of the leaders of the Morgan Hill Math Teachers’ Circle.  Kelley can be reached by email.

Lori Mains

Lori has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Union College in Schnectady, NY. A former IBM employee, Lori has spent the past twenty years working with school age children and math, through both school based programs and one-on-one tutoring.  Lori can be reached by email.

Dave Holmstrom

Dave, aka “Mr. Game Night” runs AIM’s monthly Game Night. Dave can be reached by email.

Brian Conrey

Brian is the founding Executive Director of the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM). He received his PhD from the University of Michigan, has served on the faculties of University of Illinois and Oklahoma State University, and was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study. Brian runs the Director’s Circle, an invitation-only program for mathematically talented students identified through the other Morgan Hill Math programs. Brian can be reached by email.